The Amazing Grace Coffee House


The Amazing Grace Café is a non-smoking, alcohol-free performance venue for middle school and high school students situated inside Lutheran Church of Our Saviour.  We are located ˝ mile east of Courthouse Road on Hull Street Road.


We are focused on providing bakery and coffee, snacks and sodas in a casual live music setting.  We are building a great place to hang out in Chesterfield County.  Amazing Grace is focused on providing an atmosphere where young people feel comfortable to meet their friends, study, or sit at a table, drink coffee, and read a good book.



Concert Night

September 22

4:00 PM until 8:00 PM

9601 Hull Street Road, Richmond


This is a great place to practice your live performance skills in a low pressure environment.  We are always looking for guitarists, singers and keyboard players to perform for 2 twenty-minute sets.  The music can be covers of songs you know or your own original music.  While spiritual music is great, we are open to all styles that are consistent with our coffee house surroundings.





Somewhat Undecided is a new band to the Richmond area.  In keeping with our tradition of offering a new experience, most people will hear them for the first time.  We are very excited about introducing you to their style of music.

Unfortunately, one of the bans members got sick.  Fortunately, one of the band members went on solo.  What a performance.  Thanks to Alex, we all had a great time.



Based in central Virginia, Dale Traylor plays good old rock-n-roll from the 60's and 70's with a few ditties from the 80's and 90's thrown in.


Dale has played a big part in the traylor band.  It got its start in the early 90's playing on back porches in Chester VA. For the last decade, Dale has been playing gigs throughout the Central Virginia area.  He has been with us before and is always a crowd favorite.


Dale tries to get the crowd singing. 


Dale was brave enough to risk his reputation by letting a rookie sing along. 


Andrew Hamm is a veteran stage performer, both as a musician and an actor. Since giving his life to Christ on Pentecost in 1999, he has focused all of his artistic efforts on serving the Kingdom of God. As a singer-songwriter, he has worked very hard in recent years to not stink quite so much as a guitarist. He is honored to serve as Richmond Shakespeare's Director of Training and Redeemer Lutheran Church's Director of Contemporary Worship.  




Catering was provided by Ledo Pizza and Catering.  Located in  Chesterfield in the Commons Plaza on Iron Bridge Road. 


Ledo has been putting good food and good friends together for years.  Now they are adding good music for an unbeatable triple play.

  Please patronize our sponsor, Ledo Pizza.  Their goodwill helps make this program possible.


If you are interested in performing, please drop Grace an e-mail at


Admission is free, just send an e-mail to Grace reserving a number of tickets at  We will see you there!



    Then you will sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves, making music to the Lord in your hearts.

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