The Amazing Grace Coffee House

Appearing April 26, 2008


Kerensa (ker*en*za); n.; Cornish; love – the answer to life, the universe and everything in it.


Independent recording artist Kerensa Gray of Soul’d Ministries will be appearing at the Amazing Grace Coffee House inside of Lutheran Church of Our Saviour.   Kerensa performs contemporary Christian music infused with jazz, folk, and blues.  

 Kerensa is a passionate singer/songwriter that has ministered extensively throughout the US east coast and in Zurich, Switzerland.  It is her passion to let people know that they are loved and chosen by God; and her deep desire to work with the Holy Spirit to bring people closer to the heart of God.


Kerensa’s mission is simple - to inspire others to explore the mystery and wonder of the love of Jesus.


 "It is my desire to bring people closer to the heart of God; to find that place where they are burning for Him, as He is for them."  Kerensa's music speaks from her heart as she confronts her own struggles within her walk with Jesus. "I spent a lot of time truly believing that I was not special enough to be chosen by God; that I was not worthy of His love. And you know what, I've learned that I'm not.... but He loves me anyway. Everyday is a new opportunity to fall more in love with Jesus and explore the depths of Him living in me. That is why I minister. I want to inspire others to explore the mystery and wonder of His love. To know Him more."


If you are looking for an intimate experience with Christ and not just another Christian concert, then Kerensa Gray is the artist of choice. Her powerful anointing and humble spirit will allow Christ to meet you where you are.


Kerensa lives in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania with her husband Lee.  Traveling regularly throughout the eastern United States, Kerensa has also ministered in Zurich, Switzerland as well as working in management and vocal production.


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